Outdoor Afternoon Yoga

Esemény neve: Outdoor Afternoon Yoga

Esemény időpontja: 2021-09-25 14:00 - 2021-09-14 15:00

Esemény helyszíne: Budapest XIII. kerület, Margit-sziget

Esemény típusa: Egyéb

Szervező: Life in Practice

Résztvevők várható száma: 15 fő

Esemény rövid leírása: Join our outdoor Hatha Yoga sessions on the beautiful Margit-sziget. Yoga is for everyone! As always, I’ll show you the asanas from beginner to advanced, and prove you that yoga can be relaxing and enjoyable for EVERYONE. Kriszti is a Project Manager at BAIS. She is an experienced and certified yoga instructor and expert in the well-being @lifeinpractice. If you are looking for a friendly yoga class in English - you are at the right spot!

Weboldal: http:// https://www.life-in-practice.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1245649219241196

Egyéb információk: How you can prepare for the yoga practice: Bring Water, Some healthy snack (to eat afterwards), Bring some extra blankets or towels so the ground won't be too hard on your hip and knees, Wear comfortable sporty clothes, Sun screen if you need it, Mosquito repeller. Important things to remember: Do not eat before the yoga session (or have only a light snack approx. 2 hours before the practice). Please join this event only if you feel completely healthy, and you haven't met people who have symptoms of the covid recently.

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